Traditional V/S Online Dating

Let’s know how online approaches compare with conventional dating methods.

1. Comfort level from the assembly:

Traditional relationship involves establishing a date with a buddy or a buddy’s friend. The downside of the kind of assembly is it might be awkward and embarrassing to get a conversation with a complete stranger. On the other hand, the upside down fulfilling with an unknown individual is the fact that it’s exciting. On the flip side, online dating provides you the choice of knowing the profile of their potential date into a certain extent before really approaching him/her.


Traditional relationship is largely based on physical attraction. That is okay if a person is trying to find a short-term connection as physical attraction doesn’t last quite long. On the flip side, in online relationship, the people haven’t seen the photographs but also have a notion about one another’s character prior to the actual assembly. Since they pick individuals with similar tastes and pursuits, chances of compatibility are greater.


In conventional procedures, an individual is limited to his social circle or geographic location. Whereas online dating apps systems supply a vast choice of dates from other areas of the nation. But it could be fun to discover a date in a different city but keeping up a long distance connection is obviously hard.

4. Risk factor in relationship:

Supplying fake photos or untrue info is a frequent quality of online relationship. This is done to be able to entice dates. The authentic character of the man or woman isn’t shown through online chatting. Thus, online dating can be a risky proposal. Consequently, it ought to be pursued with due care. But if a conventional date is installed via a known individual, the truth about the character and temperament of the person could be confirmed through shared friends. If the relationship is approached by face to face meeting at the first case, there’s not any question of lying about the physiological aspects.

After weighing the advantages and disadvantages of conventional and online relationship, an individual is in the best position to determine the method he’ll opt for. The most acceptable method of dating is a combo of the methods.