When to use beard wax and beard balms

Over the years, the number of men with beards who feel grooming products are unnecessary have decreased. This could be due to campaigns and awareness talks that advocate for beard grooming products as a necessary measure in keeping beards healthy. To this date, beard oils, beard wax and beard balms have been known to be the most popular in the market among their kind. Beard wax and beard balm have been known to be used interchangeably in the grooming industry.

The search to unearth the best beard wax or beard balm for the health of beards has been competitively rising in difficulty. So what is the difference among the two? What characteristics separate a formula from being a wax or a balm? The answer is rather simple, it is dependent on the purpose it was created to fulfil. A look at some grooming companies such as Primitive Outpost, who manufacture beard balms and beard oils will help clear the air on the possible differences. Their Extra Hold Beard Balm has been rebranded as a form of beard wax as it is said to provide a stronger hold over the beard as well as additional styling benefits.

This is also in addition to the moisturizing properties offered by their beard balms. So there you have it, beard wax is a form of beard balm which provides consumers with more control over their mane. It is said that beard-owners with thinner and relatively more manageable beards may opt for beard balm. This is possibly because normal beards may only require such features in their grooming product. Beard balms primarily aim to nourish and moisturize beards. This is important in preventing beard dandruff, which develops as an effect of dry and flaky skin. Beard grooming products such as beard oil and beard balms undoubtedly play a vital role in maintaining a healthy beard.